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Amazing Google Tricks You Should Try It ,See Details

Google amazing Tips and Tricks

When we have to search something then we search directly search on google, but do you know google has some amazing tricks and secret.There are so many amazing tricks and games in google only few peoples know this tricks.So here are the best tricks and tricks of google you should try it.

Google 5 Amazing Tricks:-

1.Google Gravity:-

Gravity affects all things, you all know it, but have you ever thought about how Gravity will affect Google. If you want to see, just type Google Gravity in the search box and click on I'm feeling lucky button and see whats happening.

2.Google Snake:-

This trick is very interesting if you are getting bore then search the Google snake type in the search box. After that you can play online snake game on Google.

3.Pac-Pac Game:-

Pac-man is very popular Game You might have played this in your phone but if you want to play this game online on Google then search by typing Pac-man in the search box.Now you will see Pac-man Game click on it and enjoy online Pac-man online.

4.Do a Barrer roll:-

If you want to see Google's page rotating 360 degree,then just type do a barrel roll in the search box and press the enter button and see the magic.

5.Google Underwater:-

 If you want to see Google's logo floating on water then type Google underwater in search bar and  press the I'm feeling lucky button.
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