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What Is Ping ? How Its Work,See Details

Ping meaning,how ping work

What is ping:

Ping is a utility to validate whether the network data packet is able to distribute an address without packet error. Ping utility is commonly used to check network errors.

In computer networking, ping is a specific method for sending an echo-request packet (IP address or hostname), which determines whether another computer is operational on the network and for this it uses echo reply. Along with this, it is also used to speed the data being transferred.

Ping is the name of a standard software utility that is used to test network connections. It can be used to determine whether there is access to a computer or node or remote device - such as a website or game server network, and if so, how much latency the connection is.

A Ping Utility sends test messages from a local client to a remote target on the TCP / IP network connection. Target can be a web site, a computer, or any node that has an IP address.

The Ping Test determines whether your client (computer, server or other device) can communicate with any other device on a network.

In addition to deciding that the remote computer is online now, ping provides indicators of general speed or reliability of the network connection.

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How Ping Test Work:-

If two systems are connected to a network, one chain of packets is sent from one system to another to check the connectivity to generate a response from the other system! The other system sends an Acknowledgment to specify it It is that both systems are connected to each other through that network.
For request and respond ping Uses Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) to handle it properly.On starting the Ping test, the ICMP message from the local device is sent to the remote. Receiver device recognizes ICMP pinning incoming message and replies to ICMP ping request.Ping time collects the time elapsed when sending the request and receiving the reply from the local device.

How To Do Ping Test:-

There is no need to download the ping tool separately to your ping tool in your computer. In Windows, you type ping in the command prompt and then sending the IP address of the host and pressing enter will send a ping request to the bo host. In linux and macOS, similarly ping can be done by writing ping in the terminal and entering an IP address. To use this tool in the Android smartphone, you can download android terminal emulator from Play Store. This tool works just like the linux terminal. You can download network ping lite from the app store for iOS, it is also easy to do it.

In the Windows operating system, ping commands are used to run ping tests. It is in-built in the system and it is executed via a command prompt. However, other optional utilities are also available for download in free.

The device to ping should have an IP address or hostname address. Generally IP address is used to avoid issues with DNS (if DNS does not find the correct IP address from the host, then this problem may occur with the DNS server and not necessarily with the device)

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