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Whatsapp Stickers Are Now Available For Android And iOS Users,See How To Use

Whatsapp stickers,new whatsapp features

Whatsapp has finally released the stickers feature for android and ios users. WhatsApp users were waiting for this Whatsapp sticker feature for a long time. The new Stickers feature is available on whatsapp beta version 2.18.329 and ios version 2.18.100.whatsapp sticker packs include smiling teachers, decorated by other artists, broken hearts and more like stickers.

For getting this stickers feature in whatsapp user need to download the latest update of whatsapp through google play store and app store.After update you can send the stickers to yours friends & groups.

How to Use Whatsapp Stickers:-

Whatsapp stickers available,whatsapp new features,techylogy

  1. To use the whatsapp sticker user will click on emoji icons on the left.
  2. After click the Emoji icon,you can see the stickers icon which is near the GIF icon.
  3. Then click on sticker icon and able to send the stickers to there friends & groups.Users can choose stickers from existing packs if desired. Right now, iOS users will find this sticker in the icon text field.
  4. To download a new sticker pack, users will need to click the + icon on the left side in the sticker section.
  5. Users can also share the All Stickers. Users can preview sticker packs before downloading.
  6. The whatsapp messaging app has also included a sticker category section.
  7. If user wants more stickers they can be download the sticker packs from the google play store there is options to add sticker packs in whatsapp stickers.

The company has just released 12 sticker packs. However, users will later be able to download the new sticker pack from the store and also delete the existing sticker pack.

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